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FAITH - Hope for healing

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

When we walk on very painful paths and dealing with traumatic events in our lives, we can start to question our faith. It is then when we realise that we understand very little, and we do not know as much as we thought we did. It is quite enlightening; when life is good and everything is going fairly well, we think we have understanding..

Recently, I was going through probably the most difficult time in my life and I had to deal with something I thought would never be part of my package. It never crossed my mind that I would maybe also go through this ordeal at some point in my life. I always somehow subconsciously believed that I was immune to that.

I asked questions ‘why did You allow this to happen?’ ‘Why did this have to be part of my journey?’ Prior to this, I always believed the right thing to do would be not to say, ‘why me’ but ‘why not me’. And if ever I had to deal with something of this magnitude, I would certainly deal with it gracefully and make the best of it. Lo and is not easy to practice what you preach!

It was easy to think the way I did because I had never walked the walk. I have not worn those shoes until a year ago. I can now look back in shame and embarrassment remembering how I tried to