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Lord, your name is so great and powerful!

Your glorious majesty streams from the heavens,

filling the earth with the fame of your name!


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Each section below will have one or more slides - follow the arrows to see more in each section. More slides will be added as time goes on.

Praise & Worship:

We really need to spend more time on praising and worshiping God - seeking His face in adoration - instead of just always praying and asking things from God.

We can quickly and easily run out of words though so I am compiling scriptures to help us spending a bit of extra time worshiping and praising! ..

Any Day Prayer

Use these every and any day cards to get into conversation with God.

These cards will help you to spend extra time talking with God. We should use more time to talk to Him about everything..He loves it and it encourages us and gives us proper perspective again..

I am in great need

These scriptures will help you pray when you feel you can't pray or do't know what to pray!

Use these cards when you feel you are in great need for God to come through for you and give you breakthrough during difficult times..

For a friend or a loved one

Here are prayers for a friend in need, or your loved ones, or anyone who God places on your heart to pray for..

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