Letting go Faithfully


We started telling our friends of our emigration and it felt strange. I listened to my own words when I said "we are leaving SA; we are going to NZ".. usually it would be me listening to others saying these words but now it was me saying these words and it had a weird kind of ring to it. 

A dear friend of mine (Rika) did not hear the news yet but she sent me a message saying that she was in church (in fact she was literally in church when she sent the text) and they were singing and the whole time she saw me and many many butterflies! But not just any butterfly but the Monarch butterfly and she sent me a picture. When I told her that we are emigrating I realised that the Monarch butterfly is all about migration! Those butterflies look so fragile yet they are incredibly resilient and fly over oceans for over thousands of kilometers at a time.

Another friend (Elmarie) sent me a picture which really made no sense to me at all, but I kept it anyway as it had to do with Joshua and at the time as you may have noticed, Joshua was kind of big in my life. It was a giraffe and a leopard with the writing "SEE..I have given Jericho into your hands".

I decided to google the Monarch butterfly and NZ but already knew in my mind that I would not find anything and that it would not even be found in NZ, but to my astonishment I got this:

[New Zealand's most identifiable butterfly is the monarch (Danaus plexippus). Although found in many places around the world, the monarch is considered a New Zealand native because it became established here on its own..]