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Father, what do you desire to be said? 

Please give me a word of blessing for this person. How can I

encourage or comfort him or her? ~Richard Brunton




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Make a clean mouth a lifestyle:

(Taken and adapted from Richard Brunton - "The Awesome Power of Blessing")

James 3:10  

Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so.

Jer 15:19

If you utter worthy [what is precious], not worthless words, you shall be as my mouth.

If you want to speak God's intentions over people then you need to avoid speaking words that are worthless; words that are full of complaining, belittling  words or downgrading words toward people.

Most times we find it quite difficult to learn to speak out blessing. Invariably we start to intercede for the person, asking God to bless him/her, but speaking out blessing is knowing Father's heart for that person and speaking it out as if it is God Himself uttering the words. A blessing will always be accompanied by Jesus' name. You bless preferably with scripture and always in the name of Jesus.

If the person is with you you would look that person in the eye. You connect with one another and you speak in the name of Jesus from your heart the words that you know God would speak over the person. At the same time you can anoint this person with oil as you place your hands on the area you would like to bless. Sometimes you would speak out a general blessing, then you reach your hand out toward the person or place your hands on their shoulders. If you want to speak out blessing over the mind and thoughts you would typically place your hands on the person's head, and so on. 

It is important to know the Father's heart for a person. This can be found in His Word. So speak out scripture as blessing over a person and you will know that it is God's heart. Or first enter into prayer for the person [intercede] and ask God what His specific words are for the person. I feel safer when we stick to scripture. 

Important also is to speak with conviction and authority. You can't speak a blessing over someone if you are wondering if it is 'working'. You also don't cast a  watered down word of blessing toward someone as if you are saying 'cheers, see you later'.

Many people have come into a habit of saying 'Bless you!' as they walk off or end a conversation. I find this quite disturbing actually. Mean it when you say it and when you speak a blessing over someone do it with purpose and intention.

So for me, blessing is speaking God's purposes over people's lives or situations with love, eyes open, intentionally, with authority and power, out of a Holy-Spirit-filled spirit. Simply put, blessing is acting in faith by declaring God's intention for the person or situation. When we declare God's intention, we release His ability to change things from where they are to where He wants them to be. But we cannot force things that are not God's heart and will, therefore be very sure you have heard from God, or rather stick to speaking scripture as blessing. 

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