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A Song for my Beloved

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06 A Song for my BelovedMarilyn Riggien

Breathe upon me with your Spirit wind. Stir up the sweet spice of your life within me. Spare nothing as you make me your fruitful garden. Hold nothing back until I release your fragrance.


Jeremiah 17:8 
He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream,
and does not fear when heat comes,
for its leaves remain green,
and is not anxious in the year of drought,
for it does not cease to bear fruit.

Psalm 1:3 He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.


The tree grows in a garden, a beautifully lush and colourful garden. It is clear that there is a keeper of the garden because it is well kept. The soil is soft and moist and full of nutrients and there is enough water at all times. No weeds, no thorn bushes, only beautiful flowers, and a very healthy strong tree, abundant in blossoms and good fruits giving off a sweet-smelling fragrance. Birds are flocking around the tree and they are building their nests to stay because they feel safe and welcome. Sheep run to its shade and they listen to the song coming from the tree - a unique song is heard as the breeze gently moves through the leaves.

The garden is enclosed and secure from pollution and intruders coming from the outside. There is a sealed fountain for the purity within to remain, a well of living water that makes the ground fruitful. It is a pure fountain that gives life to the garden. The spring cannot be contaminated.
This garden symbolizes a perfectly kept and blessed bride who has eyes for her Bridegroom alone. She is closed off for him and does not allow any other into the garden as it is holy and pure for her Beloved alone. They meet here and have communion. She drinks from the fountain of life and they enjoy each other's company like none other. She prefers to spend time in the garden with him rather than sitting at a table with the highly esteemed ones from the outside.

Love and obedience is her gift to her Bridegroom. It is the only gift that he desires. He does not desire her gift of works and religious efforts. He only desires the gift of her heart overflowing with desire for him and him alone. Nothing will quench the fire of love burning inside her heart. 

Song of Songs 2:16 & 2:1 TPT ~ Bride
My beloved one,... Our resting place is anointed and flourishing,
like a green forest meadow bathed in light.
I am truly his rose, the very theme of his song. 
I am overshadowed by his love, growing in the valley!

Jesus is calling you into the garden with him - he is asking you to awaken in spirit. He is asking us to become clean and pure, separated from this world!

And of course, although Song of Songs is written as a romantic relationship between a man and woman, there is so much spiritual symbolism that we need to see. There are two dimensions here and if you allow Holy Spirit he will guide you through these scriptures with a spiritual understanding. God has since the Old Testament times likened his relationship with His chosen people to marriage. In the New Testament the relationship between Christ and his believers, Jew or non-Jew, is likened to a bride and Bridegroom. It demonstrates and symbolizes a unique and intimate relationship with God that will bring forth life, and life in abundance.

WE need to love him with all of our hearts. He longs for this special intimate time with you to fill you with the bread of life and the living water. He is calling you to come out of this world and its desires, to come separate unto him, and to have a desire for him and his will for your life. We need to uproot ourselves from what the world offers and allow God to plant us, and then we need to be keepers of our own gardens, by abiding in him and having eyes for him alone. 

Song of Songs 2 TPT ~ Bridegroom
I hear the cooing of doves in our land,
filling the air with songs to awaken you and guide you forth.
Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you?
There is a change in the air.
Arise, my love, my beautiful companion,
and run with me to a higher place.
For now is the time to arise and come away with me.

Song of Songs 4 TPT ~ Bridegroom
My darling bride, my private paradise, fastened to my heart.
A secret spring are you that no one else can have - my bubbling fountain 
hidden from public view

Regrettably, in these last days, it is evident that people desire to be in the public view more than anything - everyone wants to be seen; be famous, and be followed. But here in these scriptures, it is clear that we should desire a relationship with God more than anything, and wanting to be in the limelight all the time makes you a 'lover of self'.  In 2 Timothy 3, we read "for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money.." You can clearly see that it does not relate to the same garden that is being described here and it does not harmonize with a song for our Bridegroom. 

The gardens we are trying to cultivate in the world take tremendous effort, not only in the designing of it but also in maintaining it! The pressure and competition are fierce and extremely unforgiving. Excellence is replaced by 'perfection' and guess what - no one can measure up to perfection! A tree that is cultivated in the soil of self, money, entertainment, lust, sex, and perversion has no true roots and will fall over at the first storm, but the tree cultivated in the soil of Love and Light will grow and bloom eternally! As long as your roots are grounded in Christ it will be eternal - alive eternal, not dead eternal.

The kept garden that is being described here, with a sound and fragrance being released, is completely different from what the world offers. But we need to tend to the garden continually - maintenance is key - abiding in Jesus.  

God made Adam the keeper of the garden of Eden. Adam was placed in charge. The garden was Adam's responsibility, not God's. We need to keep the garden and grow in the Lord so that we can live in harmony as a mature tree of righteousness for God's glory. Your garden (relationship with God), is your responsibility!

Song of Songs 2 TPT ~ The Bridegroom
Let me see your radiant face 
and hear your sweet voice.
How beautiful your eyes of worship
and lovely your voice in prayer.

Song of Songs 4 TPT ~ The Bride
Breathe upon me with your Spirit wind...
Come walk with me as you walked with Adam in your paradise garden!

Truly, there is an urgent call to awaken in spirit and heart! God is patient and merciful but time is indeed running out and you need to make a choice to have a desire for God, and his will and plans for your life. Be mindful of your heart's garden. Take a walk through it and ask God to show you what it looks like. Work the soil, pull up the weeds, and water the seeds. Read the Word of God!
There still is a small window of grace and time for us to get this right. Don't delay any longer. He wants you to prepare your heart so that he can spend eternity with you. All the time we spend on worldly things will have no weight or value after our time is finished here on earth. 

May your heart awaken with a unique and beautiful song for your Beloved - our soon coming King!!

"Then may your awakening breath blow upon my life until I am fully yours.
Breathe upon me with your Spirit wind. Stir up the sweet spice of your life within me.

Spare nothing as you make me your fruitful garden.

Hold nothing back until I release your fragrance."
~ Song of Songs 4:16 TPT 

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